Why you should use QBot instead

QBot protects your server and your members


Retain your server using the most precocious AutoMod known to Discord. Offering a wide variety of elements to protect your guild with, the AutoMod contributes to protect your server with even the most subtle offences.

Strict Mode

Our AutoMod module allows you to set your server into 'Strict Mode'. This means that the AutoMod is stiffer to offenders and it addresses the QRaid component to be more servere.
• Go to the Strict Mode documentations.


QRaid is the most advanced, accurate, and professional raid prevention module that has ever been built. The QRaid element offers to protect the guild at all times and will deploy security identification when it senses a raid.

QBot offers a professional solution

QBot grants you a wide assortment of regulation commands, varying from the complete basic instructions to advanced commands. For approximately any offence that could be made, there's a command to handle the situation.

QBot is performant and reliable

Intensive testing, production with care and running on one of the most performant and reliable databases in the world. QBot is designed to be robust, yet simple, yet complex.

Query • A Virtual Assistant

Query is a unique module that integrates personal requests into your server or DMs. Make requests, do searches, calculate different equations, or perform commands with Query. Additionally, get suggestions and help throughout the bot with Dynamic Proactive Query.
• It's all possible with Query.

QBot provides a lot of other useful features


The BanSync module enables you to synchronise punishments over a bind of servers. Whether you're binding your community and development server, an extension to your main server, or a hub.

Server Backups

QBot contributes a module that permits you to create, manage, transfer, and load backups of your servers if something were to go wrong. Did something happen that you didn't intend to do? Do not worry. Just load in your latest backup.


QBot optionally grants you to put a diversity of additional functions into your server. Additions, such as levels, could assist your server for more activity and there are also utility & customisable commands available to use and create.

... And a lot more.

So, why should you choose QBot over others?

QBot features one of the most powerful, professional, accurate, and controversial AutoMods known to Discord as of yet. Granting a wide variety of elements to protect your guild with, the AutoMod contributes to protect your server with even the most subtle offences and supplies you a full collection of moderation commands. Create automatic backups to backup your server just in case and sync bans using BanSync. To emphasise upon that, the QRaid element of QBot offers to guard your server on every occasion, at any time, and in every manner.