Welcoming a user

Give new users a warm welcome.

Besides QBot's main feature and purpose, moderation, QBot also highlights utility and "standard" features. This includes welcoming a new user within the server, but also a verification method and a message in the private messages of the user.

You can toggle the welcoming module of QBot entirely on the dashboard using QDashboard wMessages. After such, you can customise the settings of it, like the guild's message, the channel it is in, but also the role the new member will get upon joining the server.

QBot also allows you to insert a message to inform the user in DMs. Useful if you'd like to give a copy of the rules to the user, but not overwhelm the member logs channel with it.

  • QDashboard jMessage [Message] to set the server's join message
  • QDashboard dMessage [Message | disable] to set the DM message
  • QDashboard jRole [Role Name | disable] for setting a join role
  • QDashboard Channel [Channel Name | disable] to set the channel for the server message
  • QDashboard Verify [Role Name | disable] to set a verified role
  • QDashboard Padlock to show more passcode options for the server

QBot supports user verification and a padlock code whenever a new member joins the guild channel. Implying this, the user has to type the command QVerify in order to further enter the server, assuming only the verified role has permissions to do so.

When verification is enabled, you can additionally add a Padock code with QDashboard Padlock [Code] so nobody except people with the passcode can enter your server. It's especially useful if you have a seperate server for staff only, or just have a private Dicsord channel for friends instead.

If a trusted user needs access to the guild, but you have features like user-age verification enabled, you can add them to a temporary whitelist which immediately grants them access to the Discord guild: QPassthrough [User] If they don't end up joining, their name will be removed from the list in 12 hours.