QBot Dictionary

QBot's feature dictionary.

QBot features documentations in Discord itself. This is named 'QBot Dictionary', as it's basically a dictionary of features and terms used by QBot. The list includes more than a hundred features and terms you can search for, then select the term you want to view the definition of.


QDictionary [SearchQuery] or QD [SearchQuery]

When you searched for something and it isn't a direct hit, you will be prompted with search results. Query will automatically pick the best matching result, but you can still choose from a list of results. Use the numbers '1' through '5' to pick a term, and QBot will display the definition of that term.
If there is only one result of your search, send the number '1' and QBot will display that result.

QBot Notes

Quickly store notes in Discord.

QBot allows you to quickly store, edit, view and pin notes to your own board. Notes are stores on your profile, which means that your notes are globally accessable across servers and also DM's.


QNote [Text] or QN [Text]

Query Integration

Allow Query to create notes for you on the go. Say to Query "Make a note of that" to create a note of the last message in the channel, or supply an ID of a message to create a note for. Edit, pin and erase notes using Query as well.