A Virtual Assistant

This is Query. A Virtual Assistant, which integrates Artificial Intelligence to make requests faster to execute and easier to run. Query is active in both the guild and DMs of a user and can manage a variety of queried subjetcs. Such as reminders, nicknames, AFK states, in-depth information, and can additionally search queries on DuckDuckGo and perform math calculations using the MathJS API.

Besides the Query Client, QBot implements Query everywhere else in the bot. This is called 'Proactive Query'. It's designed to help the user in every way possible by giving suggestions on things to do.

Query Client

To initialise Query, say Query or Q and Query will promptly listen to your next message, which is the request. On some parts, like whether an insufficient quantity of arguments is supplied, Query will additionally ask you to apply the required information.
There is also a timer of forthy seconds until Query suppresses your question and quits listening.

  • Server - Query is always on in each server. However, some entries, like reminders or AFK statuses, are limited whether the Essentials add-on is enabled or not, and if you have the fitting permission to perform the request, such as changing a nickname.
  • DM - Server-side requests, like setting a nickname, reminders, or managing AFK statuses aren't available in DM's for obvious reasons. When initialising Query in the DM's of QBot, you may ask a question, search for a term, or have QBot do the math for you.

Proactive Query

Query privides support and suggestions on almost every part of the bot. This is iconically called 'Proactive Query' and Query can assist you in multiple ways possible. A service by Query is provided by QBot's Dictionary.

Dynamic Proactive Query

Adding on to Query's assistive development, Query can dynamically update suggestions and help you in more advanced parts of the bot. You can find these suggestions by using the moderation commands and Query will suggest actions to take.

Search Queries

When using the Query Client in your server, you can also always search for definitions by initialising Query, then saying a search term and Query will automatically and anonymously search it on DuckDuckGo. If it found a math answer for that particular term, it will return that as an answer.

Query Knowledge
The Query module has a data element, which is ironically known as 'Query Knowledge'.
  • Any search term on DuckDuckGo.
  • "In how many servers are you in?"
  • "What version is QBot on now?"
  • "What's the bot's ping to Discord?"
  • "How many people does this server have?"
  • "n = 5; 7 + 12n" | "734 ^ 8" | "9 + 10"
  • "Create an invite, please."
  • "What is @User's profile?"
  • "Give me my member information."
  • "Set my AFK status that I'm almost back."
  • "Toggle my AFK."
  • "Set a reminder in 30m that I have to leave."
  • "Remind me to do the dishes in 2h."
  • "Set my nickname to Sarah."
  • "Please ignore this channel."
  • "Create a voice channel named no-mic."
  • "Could you please delete the off-topic channel?"
  • "What's the dashboard ID of the server?"
  • "Create a backup of this guild."
  • "Setup the bot for this server, please."
QBot Notes™
  • "Create a note that contains User#0001 - 123456789012345678."
  • "Create a note of that."
  • "Create a note of 123456789012345678."
  • "Can you please display note 3?"

Note - Query is a machine learning model, so multiple sentences could be formed to achieve the same result. Query does not use your messages to improve its predictions.