QBot Documentations

Getting Started

How to get started with QBot.

If you don't have QBot already, see the reasons why you should choose QBot over other bots.

Main Setup

Initially, you would already have invited QBot and also know about basic Discord permissions. QBot needs the majority of the Discord permissions. That's why the most beneficial permission to give the bot is the Administrator permission, because that would give QBot access to all Discord permissions and use the authorities it needs. After inviting the bot, you'll be prompted with a message with basic information about QBot.

  • QBot's prefix is Q.
  • Utilise QDashboard to manage and customise QBot with.
  • Make sure QBot has administrative permissions.
  • Do not abuse QBot and read the Terms and Conditions.

For all logging-related circumstances, you will need to add a #bot-reports channel to the guild or customise your own with QAutoMod+ Logs. This can be easily set up with the QSetup command, and QBot will automatically create necessary channels for the bot to function and give it certain permissions.

The setup command will do the following.
  • QBot will recreate a #bot-reports channel.
  • If the Essentials add-on is enabled, QBot will create a #polls channel.
  • If a #suggestions channel exist and CustomCmd is enabled, ChannelVote will be enabled.
  • If there's no announcement channel, QBot will create a channel named #announcements.

While in the dashboard, you can toggle several instances of the bot. Such as, AutoMod and welcome messages, but additionally customise the attributes of QBot, like AutoMod variables and DM messages upon punishing a user.

For enhanced information regarding the QBot Dashboard, you can proceed to the dashboard documentations. Or instead, get more information about the AutoMod or advance to welcoming a new user to the server.