Command Summery


QBot is known for its moderation statistics & capabilities. Retain your server complete with QBot's wide diversity of moderation and management commands. All the moderation and administration commands are listed below and can be searched with QHelp [SearchQuery]. All reasons are optional, and including -s in the command will silence the response of QBot, despite still sending a log in the reports channel of the server.

Commands requiring the Manage Messages permission.
QClear [#] Clears a number of messages in the current channel.
QPurge [User] [#] Clears a number of messages from a user.
QPrune [me | self | bots | users |
all | links | invites | images | embeds] [#]
Clears a number of messages with a given filter.
QSlowmode [Period | off] Restricts users to only send one message per this specified interval.
QPanic Automatically restricts users from sending messages normally.
QWarn [User] [Reason?] Informs a user with a comment, this does not affect anything.
Commands requiring the Mute Members permission.
QTimeout [User] [Period?] -s Disallows a user from chaining messages.
QDeafen [User] [Period?] -s Server-deafens a user while in a voice channel.
QTempmute [User] [Period] [Reason?] -s -d Temporarily mutes a specified user for a set amount of time.
QMute [User] [Reason?] -s -d Permanently mutes a specified user in the server.
QUnmute [User] [Reason?] -s Unmutes a specified user from their mute.
Commands requiring the Move Members permission.
QVMove [VoiceChannel] Moves an entire voice channel of people to another.
QVKick [User | VoiceChannel] Disconnects an entire voice channel of people or a user.
Commands requiring the Mute and Ban Members permissions.
QMutelist Displays all the muted users of the current server.
QBanlist [ID?] Displays all the banished users of the current server.
Add the ID to view statistics of the ban.
Commands requiring the Kick Members or Ban Members permission.
QKick [User] [Reason?] -s Kicks a user from the current server.
QSoftban [User] [Reason?] -s Kicks a user from the server and removes their messages.
QTempban [User] [Period] [Reason?] -s -ds Temporarily banishes a user from the current server.
QPreban [User ID] [Reason?] -s -ds Banishes a user externally from the server.
QBan [User] [Reason?] -s -ds Permanently banishes a user from the current server.
QLog [User | IDs?] [#]
Permission - Manage Messages
Logs an amount of messages in the reports channel.
Amount depends on user, given amount, or provided message IDs.
QPunishment [User]
Permission - Manage Messages
Suggests a punishment to take on the user submitted, using Query's Suggestions Engine.