Command Summery


QDashboard [Option] [Params...]
Manage Guild
The QBot Dashboard manages the fundemental bits of QBot.
(Go to Dashboard documents)
QAutoMod+ [Element] [Channel?]
Manage Guild
Manages the AutoMod Plus clusters on the current guild.
QEvents [Target] [Channel?]
Manage Guild
Manages the events logging module of QBot.
QBanSync [link | accept | deny] [Guild ID | #]
Manage Guild
Synchronise banishments with former guilds using linking requests.
(Go to BanSync documents)
QBlacklist [add | rem] [User]
Manage Guild
Manages the local user blacklist of QBot.
QCreate [Type]
Manage Guild
Creates an asset in the server using the Asset Wizard.
("Channel", "Voice", "Category", "Role")
QDelete [Type] [Name]
Manage Guild
Deletes an asset in the current server.
QRename [New]
Manage Channels
Renames the current channel.
QTopic [New]
Manage Channels
Changes the current channel's topic.
QPromote [User] [Role]
Manage Guild
Adds a role to a valid user in the server.
QDemote [User] [Role]
Manage Guild
Removes a role from a valid user in the server.
QIgnore [Target] [add | rem] [Channel?]
Manage Guild
Manages disabled channels for QBot to ignore on different assets.
Completely locks down the entirety of the server.
Unlocks the current server from a lockdown state.
QMuteChat [Period?]
(Temporarily) mutes or unmutes every server user to speak in the current channel.
QNick [User] [Nickname]
Manage Nicknames
Renames a user on the current server.
Verifies a user and allows them to enter the guild using a role.
QRisky [User]
Manage Guild
Removes the verification status on the user and needs to recaptcha.
Manage Guild
Setups the server for QBot to allow full functionality.
QVRole [Role | disable]
Manage Guild
Sets a role to be given when a user enters a voice chat.
Commands regarding message announcements.
QSay [Text]
Manage Messages
Echo's plain text in the current chat.
QEcho [Text]
Manage Messages
Echo's embedded text in the current chat.
QPin [Text]
Manage Messages
Broadcasts message text and immediately pins it.
QLocal [Text]
Manage Guild
Broadcasts a message with @here in the current channel.
QBroadcast [Text]
Manage Guild
Manipulates a message to be announced in the current chat.
QAnnounce [Text]
Manage Guild
Manipulates a message to be announced in #announcements.