Synchronise banishments over multiple servers.

QBot allows guilds to connect multiple servers with each other using a bind, and synchronise the banishments between those servers. Whether you're binding your community and development server, an extension to your main server, or a hub - It's all possible.

Requesting a bind

If you'd like to bind your server with another, you can do so with QBanSync Link [Guild ID]. Regardless if the server is already in a link with some other servers, a link will add the server to the link and leave the existing bind.

Upon sending a link request, the target guild will be prompted with a message confirming the connection between the servers. The guild can either accept the request, using QBanSync Accept [Guild ID?] or deny the request.


If you would like to ban a user from the server while in a bind, while not synchronising the banishment.
Synchronising the ban only works when using QBot’s ban commands. If you don’t want the syncing behaviour on the linked servers, manually ban them using in-Discord’s ban option or add -ds within the reason of the ban command.

Leaving a connection

Managers of the server can perform the command QBanSync Unlink to disconnect them from the bind. External servers cannot 'kick' other servers from the connection, however.

Toggling requests

If you don't want to receive BanSync applications from external servers, you can simply apply QBanSync Close to block all incoming requests. If you prefer to initiate requests, you may employ QBanSync Open.