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Server Backups

If something were to go wrong.

QBot provides a server to reroll the guild to former states based on backups made previously. Backups are used to accumulate and duplicate the server. QBot server backups are, however, not limited to the original guild, meaning that you can transfer over a backup using a request and load the backup on to another server.

Creating a backup

Backups can easily be created using QBackup Create. Server backups are mapped daily, meaning that you can generate one backup each day on a certain scope. If you do choose to create multiple backups a day, you'll be prompted with a confirmation, whether you prefer to overwrite the previous backup or discard the backup entirely.

A list of created backups of the server can be found with QBackup.

Backup ID

QBot backups are distinguished using a backup ID, or so-called 'BID' for short. A backup ID is fabricated with a date of the creation of the backup, and the scope type.
An example of a BID is DD-MM-YYYY@[m|i|a].

  • @m Manual
    A manually created backup by a server manager
  • @i Interval
    An intervalled backup, which you can configure with QBackup Interval
  • @a Automatic
    Automatic backups are created once the server is put in lockdown (if the backup module is enabled), by QRaid or a server administrator

Intervalled backups

QBot allows you to create backups every set period. You may customise the interval for the backup with QBackup Interval [Period], although backups cannot be created under every 24 hours.

Loading a backup

If something went wrong in the server, you can load a backup made prior to the incident. Once the command QBackup Load [BID] is executed, you'll be prompted with a confirmation. Once validated, you will be held if QBot doesn't have the administrator perk or doesn't have the highest role in the Discord. After everything is available and ready, QBot will begin to refine the Discord and load the backup instantly on your server.
The bot must have both conditions for the load to function properly.

Restoring part of your server

If you'd like to only load in a part of your server instead of fully, using QBackup Restore [Type] [BID] will do just that. When executing the command, QBot will find the differences between the backup and your current server setup and fill in the changed elements based on the ID.

You'll find the 'type' variable options below.
ChannelNames - RoleNames - RoleColours - Permissions - Emojis - Bans - Settings - Name - Icon - Dashboard
Disclaimer - For this function to work properly, you have had to create a backup after 17-11-2019 because the backup instance has changed. Before then, QBot did not store emojis, bans, specific other settings and therefore does not work properly.

Transferring a backup to another guild

QBot makes it remarkably straightforward to make a transfer request to another guild. The transfer command requires two arguments: The target guild ID, which you can get by using QDebug in the target guild. And also the BID of the backup you'd like to transfer over. Combining this, you would have a command like QBackup Transfer 123456789012345678 DD-MM-YYYY@[m|i|a].

When the request is forwarded to a different guild, there will be a message sent in the logs channel of the targetted guild. Asking if the guild wishes to transfer over the backup, if so, then you can start the moving with QBackup Accept and see all the pending requests with QBackup Pending. If you get an unauthorised request from a guild, you can execuet QBackup Dismiss [Guild Id].