QBot's main speciality.

QBot's main innovation is the automated moderation protecting your guild. Adjacent to QBot's 1.4 release, the AutoMod is the most accurate automated moderator of Discord. The AutoMod forms of a swearword filter, NoSpam, capital security, introducing the 'AutoMod+' and also incorporating event loggers. Besides, QBot also introduces QRaid - An automated raid prevention system.

After four interactions with the AutoMod in thirty minutes, QBot will automatically mute the user if the NoSpam hasn't already. The muting period is determined with the "Mute Period" option on the Dashboard.

Check if the AutoMod is enabled in the current channel with QAutoMod.

Query Suggestions Note

Query may temporarily cache punishment and infraction counts to provide suggestions for punishments to take. Review the terms of service.


The AutoMod's NoSwear element rejects users from swearing. This prevents possible disrespect towards other members and could potentially lessen drama in the server. The NoSwear module will remove the message that is sent and log it in the logs channel, and will additionally warn the user for saying a swearword within the message with the custom NoSwear warning text that is available on the Dashboard.


The NoSpam element limits users from spamming in the server. If a server member spams in a channel, QBot will inform the user that spamming is not allowed in the server or current channel. If the user continues to spam after the warning, QBot will directly mute the user for the period stated as "Mute Period" on the QBot Dashboard.
When in Strict Mode, QBot will instantly mute the user instead of notifying them first.


Other bots may set off the NoSpam module due to commands being executed and may be detected as spam. The most useful solution to the problem is to permanently disable the AutoMod in the commands channel. To do so, utilise the QIgnore AutoMod add [Channel] command.


The capitals warning is an AutoMod segment that notifies the user if they are using too many capitals in their message. If the server member uses 80% or more capitals in their message, the bot will warn them independently. If the user proceeds with a message with all uppercase letters, QBot will automatically mute the user for the time specified as the "Mute Period" on the Dashboard.

Strict Mode

QBot's server-side Strict Mode is designed for popular servers. Benefits of having Strict Mode activated, is the relayed QRaid component and less clogged up chat with AutoMod warnings. Besides those, it only takes two instead of four infractions of the AutoMod to be muted in the chat. When being notified for spamming, QBot also automatically mutes the author and AutoMod+ links are more strictly configured and placed.


The Events element is a module independently from the AutoMod, but still considered as an AutoMod segment. The Events element gives detailed audit on specific actions of the guild which is high-customisable. The Events module is toggleable on the dashboard using QDashboard Events.

You may toggle each individual event using QEvents [Event Name] and this will immediately toggle the event to be logged in a channel. Each category of events can have a custom channel or default to #bot-reports when unset. Change the channel with QEvents [Name] [Channel | default].

  • Events - QAutoMod+ EventsChannel [Channel | default]
  • Audit Moderation - QAutoMod+ ModChannel [Channel | default]
  • Member Logs - QAutoMod+ LogsChannel [Channel | default]

The audit moderation and server logs section may have various identifiers at the footer of the log message. These IDs are prefixed with certain letters to indicate where the ID is from.

  • G - Guild
  • U - User
  • M - Message
  • C - Channel
  • R - Role
  • E - Emoji


Raid Prevention System

QBot features a raid prevention method that will continuously be enabled. QRaid offers to protect the guild at all times, and will deploy security identification when QBot senses a raid. Furthermore, QBot will lock the guild down if it does so. Meaning, new users will be kicked out of the server and everybody will be muted until the server is out of the lockdown state.

We are not sharing the fine-tuned settings of the QRaid algorithms, we would like to avoid and prevent various attacks and exploits of the methods used by QBot.

As pronounced above, QBot will kick the users that enter the guild while the server is in lockdown status. As well as, silencing everybody in the server and automatically facilitating the AutoMod. If the Backups module is enabled, QBot will automatically create a backup of the server when in lockdown.


As an enhancement to the AutoMod, QBot also emphasises the AutoMod+. The AutoMod+ can be toggled independently for every channel and is not affected by QIgnore. For links, QBot adapts a highly customisable prevention method. Decide what QBot is executing when a user posts a link and whitelist specific roles for different approaches.

AutoMod+ Properties
  • Type of Links - QAutoMod+ Links
    • QAutoMod+ Type
    • QAutoMod+ Whitelist

  • Gatekeeper - QAutoMod+ Gatekeeper
  • Inappropriate Names - QAutoMod+ Names
  • Dehoist Automation - QAutoMod+ Dehoist
  • Query Execution - QAutoMod+ QueryExec

  • Log Reports - QAutoMod+ Logs
  • Discord Invites - QAutoMod+ Invites

  • Mute Evading - QAutoMod+ LWM
  • Auto Slowmode - QAutoMod+ Slowmode
  • Auto Unlock - QAutoMod+ Unlock
  • User Age Kick - QAutoMod+ UserAge

  • Newlines - QAutoMod+ NewlinesChannels
    • QAutoMod+ LineAmount
    • QAutoMod+ IgnoreMods

Link, invite and newlines channels can be changed by utilising QAutoMod+ [Element] [Channel].

Type of Links

The AutoMod+ mainly focusses on link prevention, as many people unwantedly share various types of links, that could (i) be spread as advertising, (ii) be harmful to anyone's platform, or (iii) include unwanted content. Therefore, people that have a specific role (that you - for example - could get by reaching a level) can send links, and others have to be reviewed by staff on the server or are deleted immediately.

Enabling prevention against Discord invite links will immediately delete the message and increment the infraction count of the user. In Strict Mode, the user would automatically be muted.

  • Ask - Ask staff at all times (default)
  • Delete - Delete immediately, ask when whitelisted
  • Infractions - Delete & count infractions, ask when whitelisted
  • Mute - Delete & mute immediately, ask when whitelisted
  • Restricted - Delete suspicious & count infractions at all times
  • Trust - Delete & count infractions, ignore whitelist

In addition to preventing links, the Gatekeeper module is an assemblage of checks done whenever a unique user joins the server. The marks vary from bot users, account age, whether or not the user is on the global blacklist of QBot, and also if the user has a blank avatar. If either one of those sign as true, QBot will notify the server staff for a possible alternative, spam, or raid account.

Dehoist Automation

To automatically remove unwanted hoisted nick- and usernames, the AutoMod+ allows you to do that. QBot can remove special characters (like ! and #) as prefix of the nickname from a user whenever this property is updated. It is toggled by invoking QAutoMod+ Dehoist.

Mute Evading

QBot has a prevention against people that leave and join back the server while being muted, so the role gets removed and they're free to speak again. This module is called 'left when muted'. By default, QBot re-mutes the user until the mute ends, but you can configure various settings on the AutoMod+ dashboard. Use QAutoMod+ LWM [Action] to set a new action.

  • Keep - Automatically re-mute the user until it ends (default)
  • Ban - Ban the user from the server until the mute expires
  • Blacklist - Permanently ban the user until a staff unbans the user
Auto Slowmode

QBot provides you the option to consistantly check if a channel is highly active, and if it is, automatically enable a slowmode setting for that channel. If a cooldown has been set, QBot will automatically remove it after 15 minutes. For the automatic slowmode to function, the server must have a logs channel and the target channel should not have a cooldown already.

Auto Unlock

Upon QRaid locking down the server due to a raid, QBot can automatically unlock the server after a set amount of time. This is useful when the staff team is offline, so QBot can continue the server even when there is no administrator around. The default time is set to 30 minutes after the server has been locked down by QRaid.

User Age Kick

If the Gatekeeper module is enabled, you can set a specific time to automatically kick a user if their account isn't older than said time. Have QBot automatically kick a user if they're under a day old, all automatically done by QBot. The bot will log a report in the logs channel of the server.


To combat walls of text, the Newlines module will automatically remove messages with a predefined amount of lines. If detected, the message will be removed and logged into the configured logging channel. Like the Links and Invites modules, the Newlines module only functions in channels that are added to a list. Moderators (with the manage-messages permission) can be ignored.