QBot Data API

Base URL



  • /Info - Gets QBot's main information.
  • /Latency - Returns QBot's ping to the gateway of Discord.
  • /Status - Gets QBot's general status.
  • /Version - Gets QBot's current version of development.
  • /Commands/name - Gets a particular command by name.

The data API eternally returns a _meta object, where the base URL, path, and also the endpoint port is found. Additionally, there is also an error object if there are any errors. There is optionally a data object outside of the meta if the request succeeds, containing the data of the request. The information path does not return a data object, but instead delivers the information in the main body object of the request.

Example object of the API/Info request.
    "Guilds":  Number,
    "Version": String,
    "Stage":   String,
    "Index":   String,

    "Ping": {
        "Latency": Number,
        "Order":   Array[Integer],
        "Latest":  Timestamp

    "Commands": Number,
    "Uptime":   Number,
    "Memory":   Number, // in bytes

    "_meta": {
        "URL":   "http://host.qbot.eu/",
        "PATH":  "API/Info",
        "error": Error? null