Levels Add-on

QDashboard Levels

The levels add-on allows for a more active chat and reward the most enthusiastic members of your community server. Automatically attach roles when they reach a certain level to reward the most active people in the server with exclusive channels and privileged permissions.


The root command to manipulate the levels add-on is QLevels. Configurating the levels add-on, you will need to aquire the Manage Server permission. Following, you are prompted with several options.

  • Level-up Message QLevels rMessage [Message] - The message upon ranking up to another level.
  • Message Delete QLevels Delete - Toggle whether the message should be deleted after five seconds.
  • No-level Role QLevels nRole [Role | disable] - A role which doesn't gain any experience.
  • Rewards QLevels Rewards [add | rem] [Level] [Role] - A gainable role when a certain level is hit.

While customising the rank message, the subsequent variables are available - [GUILD] - [USER] - [USER.TAG] - [USER.ID] - [EXP] - [LEVEL] - [ROLE]. On another note, the QBot levels are calculated using the following formula - (Current * 50) + (Current ^ 1.6).


QLevels [Option] [Params...] Base command for the levels add-on.
QRank [User?] Displays the user's level and experience.
QLeaderboard Returns the top 10 most users with the most experience on the server.

The levels module can be toggled on the dashboard, using QDashboard Levels.