Getting Started

QBot optionally grants you to put a diversity of additional commands into your server. Additions, such as levels, could assist your server for more active users and initiating talking there more entertaining. There are also utility and customisable units available to use.


QDashboard Levels

Use our Levels add-on to allow for a more active chat and reward the most enthusiastic members of your community server. Automatically attach roles when they reach a certain level to reward the most active people in the server with exclusive channels and privileged permissions.

Essential Commands

QDashboard Essentials

The Essentials add-on gives the server access to beneficial utility commands. Take advantage of the functions to execute different tasks, like user-based reminders, operate applications, or shrink several links without any external authorisations.

Private Server Backups

QDashboard Backups

Since the 1.4 update, QBot introduces the Server Backups module. Use the backups to maximise safety on your server whenever an incident happens, as automated backups will be generated once the server transmutes into lockdown. Additionally, you may arrange intervalled backups to be made that occur every once in a predefined duration.


QDashboard CustomCmd

Our new CustomCmd 2 module provides you the full customisability of any command you'd like to create. Ranging from broadcasting a message, managing roles, or associating commands to one another. Besides, operate the timed messages as well, which will send messages into a channel at a predefined interval.