Essentials Add-on

QDashboard Essentials

The Essentials add-on gives the server access to beneficial utility commands. Take advantage of the functions to execute different tasks, like user-based reminders, operate applications, or shrink several links without any external authorisations.


QEssentials Base command for the Essentials add-on.
QAFK [Text?] Represents you for being away with an optional message across servers.
QCountdown [Period] Strategically counting down from the period provided.
QAccept [User] [Comment?] Accept a in-Discord user application.
QDeny [User] [Comment?] Deny a in-Discord user application.
QFind [SearchQuery] Searches a user in the current guild.
QGif [SearchQuery] Requests a GIF image on Tenor.
QPoll [Period?] [Text] -c Posts a poll to vote on in the #polls channel.
QReminder [Period | ID | resolve] [Description] Manages personal reminders on QBot.
QShorten [URL] [Custom?] Creates a shortened URL on ISGD.
QExpand [ShortURL] Expands a shortend URL to check if it's safe.
QSource [Message ID?] Gives the content of the last or given message.

The Essentials module can be toggled on the dashboard, using QDashboard Essentials.