CustomCmds Add-on

QDashboard CustomCmd

Our new CustomCmds add-on provides you the full customisability of any command you'd like to create. Ranging from utterly broadcasting a message, managing roles, or associating commands to one another. Besides, operate the timed messages as well, which will send messages into a channel at a predefined interlude.


  • CustomCmd Custom Command - A simple command giving a response.
  • RoleAssign Role Assignment - Commands to manage roles on users.
  • Cmdlink Command Link - Execute multiple commands using one.
  • TimedMsg Timed Message - An announcement message at an interval.


QCustomCmd Base command for the CustomCmds add-on.
QAddCmd Opens the Wizard and allows you to customise a command.
QDelCmd [Name] Removes a command from the CustomCmds list.
QEditCmd [Name] Edits a custom command peripherals in a menu.
QCmdlist Returns a list of available commands.
QChannelVote [Channel] Toggles channel-wide voting in the current channel.

The CustomCmds module can be toggled on the dashboard, using QDashboard CustomCmd.