Backups Add-on

QDashboard Backups

Since the 1.4 update, QBot introduces Server Backups towards performance. Use the backups to maximise safety on your server whenever an incident happens, as automated backups will be generated once the server transmutes into lockdown. Additionally, you may arrange intervalled backups to be made that occur every once in a prescribed period.

Please refer to the Backup documentations.


QBackup Base command for the Backups add-on.
QBackup Create Manually creates a backup of the current server.
QBackup Delete [BID] Deletes an existing backup on the server.
QBackup Interval [Period] Sets an interval for automated backups.
QBackup Load [BID] Loads an existing backup on the current guild.
QBackup Restore [Type] [BID] Restores part of your server with the backup.
QBackup Transfer [Guild ID] [BID] Moves a backup instance over to another guild.
QBackup Accept [Guild ID?] Accepts the latest or specified pending request.
QBackup Pending Shows all pending backup transfer requests.

The Backups module can be toggled on the dashboard, using QDashboard Backups.